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CIFG Fee Schedule 2023

Courtney DeSoto

Channel Islands Fiduciary Group Schedule of Compensation

Fiduciary Services (Conservatorships/Guardianships/Care Management/Estate & Trust Administration):

Care Management

  • Engage caregivers and/or arrange placement outside the home
  • Organize and coordinate medical appointments
  • Preserve and protect personal and real property
  • Oversee healthcare needs
  • Pay bills

Representative Payee – Social Security

Powers of Attorney

  • Agent for Durable Power of Attorney for Finances (DPOA)
  • Agent for Advance Health Care Directive (AHCD)

Conservatorship/Estate & Trust Administration

  • Marshall and manage assets
  • Prepare Inventory & Appraisal
  • Organize and supervise medical care
  • Pay bills and keep books
  • File tax returns
  • Manage property
  • Preserve property
  • Invest assets prudently
  • Prepare Accountings as required by Court
  • Distribute income and assets at Trust termination

Real Estate Sales Facilitated (Trust Administration):
1% of sale price at close of escrow

Costs Advanced:

  • Postage at cost
  • Bookkeeping at cost
  • Other at cost

Please note that the minimum billed per month is the equivalent of two hours of the Fiduciary’s time, or $500

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Courtney DeSoto