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Welcome to the Channel Islands Fiduciary Group, a trusted financial institution located in beautiful Santa Barbara, California. With our expertise in fiduciary services and a commitment to personalized client care, we provide unparalleled solutions to help you navigate the complexities of wealth management with confidence.

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Client Testimonials

We are thrilled to support the local Santa Barbara community with their Fiduciary needs. Here are some our happy clients.

A referral led me to Courtney. I had no idea how blessed we all would be by having Courtney come in to our lives. [She] navigated a very complicated situation with flawless finesse and assisted me in getting my Grandparents into an overall better situation.

Thank you for making yourself available to me with advice, experience and support regarding my conservatorship role...I appreciate your wise counsel.

Courtney is personable, smart, and totally ethical. She has the experience to handle any degree of complexity of what your fiduciary needs might be.

They are reasonable, calm, they make good decisions and are friendly with their clients. They understand the challenges of aging.

Courtney is a dedicated, loyal, dynamic and experienced fiduciary. She puts her clients first every time, and in doing so is a wonderful advocate. Her breadth of knowledge and personal touch make her both efficient and friendly.

Courtney has every attribute that will allow her to serve in her capacity as conservator. Her demeanor is non-confrontational, low-key and personable. She treats everyone fairly and with respect. She is bright, articulate and has a great knowledge of the law.

Courtney is always personable, honest and dedicated to her client's needs above all. She is experienced in issues facing vulnerable seniors and those with special needs. I highly recommend her as a licensed professional fiduciary.

Courtney is professional, proficient and really cares for her clients. Her experience, expertise and resources make her the best choice for fiduciary services. And, she is very pleasant to work with.

I’ve worked with Courtney for years. Her work ethic and attention to detail are second to none. Her extensive experience in the public sector makes her unusually efficient and practical in meeting client goals. I have witnessed her present matters on numerous occasions, and know her to be very helpful, extremely knowledgeable, and a great communicator.

Courtney is an accomplished fiduciary who is truly concerned with meeting the needs of those who need assistance in financial management and care services.

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